What happened when I changed my workout routine from night to morning

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I like a routine. I prefer doing everything as according to plan with little to no surprises. However, being a college student makes my routine change with the seasons.

Two weeks after my last final exam I decided to start regularly working out again at night at least three times a week.

I tried to keep reasonable expectations for myself.

Some nights I would decide to go for a run around the neighborhood, other nights I would pull out my yoga mat and follow my free Kayla Itsines workouts or some HIIT workouts I found on Instagram.

The problem with running was that my neighborhood is full of hills and I live at the bottom of one. NOT COOL. Even worse is how close I am to Towson University and how many complexes are around me, which means constant traffic until almost 8 p.m.

On the mat with Arya

(Photos taken by Kayla Baines/ TU Student)

The next problem was how long it took me to go through and hatch out a solid routine each week to do in my living room. I realized that because I had an unlimited amount of time for this workout and because of that I would always take breaks and look up other exercises to do or play with my cat….

Until I had an idea.

I’ll work out in the morning! How simple.

I have at least four days of the week where I can get a nice workout in before I leave for work! This was such a great idea; however……

the first morning was unbelievably hard. My mind was awake and ready but my body could not find the will.

So without further ado here are some tips to help you wake up early for your workout:

    •  sleep in some of your workout clothes or have them laid out near you
    • also start a bedtime routine that will help your morning routine
    • set more than one alarm and also put your alarm clock/phone away from you so that you’d have to get up to shut it off
    • make sure to reward yourself after so many early workouts
    • Try to sleep early!
    • schedule a morning workout with a friend
    • keep your running shoes by the door
    • have your water bottle filled and your arm band & iphone/ipod etc. charged and ready
    • drink a 8 oz of water
    • splash cold water on your face

And lastly, post pictures of your early morning workout on Instagram or Facebook! Be proud of yourself and show the world/ your friends how dedicated and motivated you are!

I hope you guys find these tips as useful as I have!


(Photo taken by Kayla Baines/ TU Student)


Have a good workout and #fuelamazing



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